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Basic One Hour Workshop

Items produced in this brief workshop may entail swatches of material transformed into bows, decorative fans, fly swatters, bear shaped coasters from yarn scraps, long stem roses, refrigerator magnets, stand alone picture frames items not requiring so much time. 


Development Workshop 2 1/2 Hours  (Premature stage of a bear)

In this workshop, slightly larger crafting occur such as making stuffed animals from yarn and /or other materials that clients find it hard to part with for what ever the sentimental reasoning might be. There were many requests to transform quilts, robes, and other articles into stuffed animals.

The development stage of any craft item is crucial to the end result of the project. THESE PREMATURE STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT ON THE BEAR, UNISEX SLIPPERS & BEJEWELED SPECKS  makes for an inviting Development Workshop generally spanning 2 1/2 Hrs. 

 Intermediate Up-cycling Workshop 4 Hours

Floral arrangements, center pieces  jewelry  boxes. Eye catching for all to admire. Therapeutic Recycling environmentally friendly and encourages creativity. 

Advanced Workshop 8 Hours/ split sessions where applicable

Yes... these which were originally dollhouse furnishings, now stand proudly as custom made 'Slip Covers 4U2 Dine, Lounge or Envy' unique in design  as with decorative boxes that are handcrafted also. Our signature Brand  'Crop & Wrap Hooded Scarf". The very first one, a tan, grey & white (not shown) was made with the remaining scrap yarn from a handcrafted crocheted blanket in 2005. Never toss scrap 

Behold Our latest little darling... 'MyBesty'.  Hooded Blankie handcrafted with All ages in mind. Yes, from cradle to rocker this UNISEX wonder keeps all warm and secure in our own safe spaces. Truly an innovative item produced in our Intermediate and/or Advanced Therapeutic Recycling Workshops. MyBesty captivates many given its durable and unique design. .

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