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Posted on June 5, 2016 at 5:10 PM

The Photographic Lineage Cremation Urn is a truly innovative wonder in today's mobile society where upwards of half the US population has turned to Cremation as the most cost-effective & dignified solution to finalizing the affairs of deceased loved ones past and present in a single Urn.

For generations now, surviving relatives of cremated ones have been longing for a way to honor their Heritage with a single unifying concept and where all surviving ones are afforded the opportunity to rejoice over the celebration of life and of their unity whenever one of their own falls prey to the great Enemy death!

Centuries of stockpiling Urn after Urn after Urn, and the emotional strain of parting with a single unit to share and appease other surviving siblings, are now burdens of the past as time and innovation has brought about a concept that bring loved ones back together again in this decorative, single unit, multi-compartment 'Lineage' Cremation Urn.

Variations of this Device stores the cremated remains of as few as three Beings while larger Units accommodate as many as eight, as in the Model shown here with the dimensions of 14 3/4"x 6 3/4"x 7" compartmentalized smoke-tinted {base} which is covered by a 15"x 7"x 5"{lid} that exposes a 2" viewing area of smoke filmed glass at the base when completely closed.

Handles are affixed to the sides of the lid for opening and closing. Finally, the carousel-like turnstile comprised of 4 dual-sided frames for inserting a total of 8 photos (back to back) sits atop the lid and rotates freely with the turning of a decorative knob at the lid's highest point, showcasing the lives, legacy & great unity of deceased Loved Ones. This is a specialty item handcrafted using the very concepts inculcated here in ESCE Organization's Up-cycling  Workshops. Hence, the final stages of development here. /esce 


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