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THERAPEUTIC RECYCLING is on the rise globally, let's bring it to our 'non-profits'...

Assisted living communities, after-school programming, veteran's outreach, tlc's, re-entry initiatives, mental health and/or recreation systems! No matter what the setting, ALL are challenged with the task of recycling which is a GLOBAL initiative. What better way to turn this necessary task into a means for Giving Back than to re-purpose items generally discarded into works of Art?

A handcrafted gift always seem to make others feel good as it gives the recipient a great sense of joy knowing that a particular effort was placed into it to bring about a unique work of art especially for them. Here at ESCE, Org. we boast a very diverse workshop where such creations are formulated thru a fun filled process called Perishables To Crafts. 

A recycling concept whereby participants transform items generally discarded into delightful eye-catching crafts as shown throughout this Site. All items such as: scrap yarn, tulle, plexiglass, thermal backsplash, wood strips, vinyl,  fashion magazines, empty freezer bag containers, soda pop bottles, shampoo and/or bleach dispensers, would have been trashed! Yes, Therapeutic Recycling is environmentally friendly and promotes creativity. Allow your single pledge to sponsor a workshop for the above types of Charities


  • Exotic Floral Arrangements 
  • Blooming Gifts
  • Picture Frames
  • Decorative Hand Fans 
  • Fly Swatters 
  • Decorative Bows
  • Faux Jewelry
  • Jewelry Boxes 
  • And so much more 
including also Intellectual Property*


All made from items generally discarded.


Our Teams arrive at qualifying nonprofit organizations fully equipped with the

trimmings, We then 'scout-out with our Participants in tow' to collect on-hand items that would ordinarily be discarded. We then begin our transformation process through this unique recycling concept, producing several crafted projects within a designated Workshop.

ESCE Organization is pleased to offer this therapeutic & environmentally friendly initiative to communities, promising total innovation & charitable outreach for generations to come.

Help us make that new adage abound, namely......

"Don't Trash That"

This handcrafted Multi-generational Cremation Urn was produced using our Perishables to Crafts recycling concept and spearhead our New Product Development. Trademarked Intellectual Property PICTURN*

A timely theme for any workshop  this Prototype appears to have been welded. Handcrafted from scraps of decorative plastic, wood, Plexiglas, spray paint & crafting glitter tape. Great for memorabilia of persons not cremated as well.. Up-cycling at its finest.


Retired Veterans

Retired and wounded Veterans  appreciate the ability to utilize their strategic instincts, powers of observation and keen metrics during our up-cycling workshops.

Assisted living Communities

Residents thrive when  workshops are detailed and require a reasonable amount of participation focused on bringing out the creative Person 

After School Programming

Students are encouraged to 'think outside of the box' while producing articles of crafts from items which would ordinarily be discarded. Transforming these into treasures that serve as gifts for love ones or donate them to local charities such as shelters and crisis centers alike

Employee Charity Drives

Corporate and Small 
Businesses alike utilize these Workshops to promote employee morale by encouraging a clean & safe environment under this
'recycling' initiative while foremost producing certain crafts for semi-annual Charity Drives 

Remember those scorching Summer night walks?